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__ // dj Yes! sputnik // ___________

Specializing in: // indie. electro. synth. italo disco. minimal. funk. new wave. etc. __ as well as 70s + 80s pop music, soundtracks, rare recordings and local artists

Available for (experienced in): // dance parties of any sort, clubs/bars, house shows/parties, social mixers, fashion shows, gala events, weddings, art galleries, birthday parties, 4th of July celebrations, pool parties and mobile dance crusades

Venues include: // Kings. The Jackpot!. NightLight. cafe Helios. Jibarra. Five Star. Busy Bee. The Fish Market. White Collar Crime. The Wilmont. NCSU College of Design Downtown Studio. Ahpeele. The Cotton Room at Golden Belt. Bain Water Treatment Facility. Flint Pl. TAZ's

For booking/rates: contact__ Yes.Sputnik@gmail.com


__ // Shows + Parties // _____________

CAM Raleigh // August 19th Third Friday
Anti-Christmas w/DJ Yes! sputnik. Bete Tete. A. Stroud. YOHIMBE. Noise Trauma // Dec. 17th
Small Black and Class Actress + DJ Yes! sputnik @KINGS 10/24
rew/ffwd opening reception @City of Raleigh Block Gallery September 30th
// Jail Break!! / Yes! sputnik + dj Special Deals "unofficial" fashionSPARK After Party @Jibarra
Hopscotch / Final Afterparty w/DJ Gonzo/Thien/Yes! sputnik/DJ Pancakes aka. Mister Girl
First Friday oooo Shinnneeeyyy 2.0 Dance Party @Kings Friday 9/3/10
Raleigh Wars: Assasin's Ball @White Collar Crime 8/21/10
// Back to Schoooooooollll @Five Star 8/14/10
First Friday Dance Party @The Jackpot! Friday August 6th
chill thrill!! @ NightLight (Chapel Hill) 5/14
Impromptu Dance Party @The Jackpot!
The Book is Dead. Long Live the Book! (graphic design exhibit) @Allred Gallery: College of Design
Prehistoric Panic : Studio Collective After Party @Jibarra
Art to Wear After Party @BusyBee
Proto_Summer @Jibarra Mar. 19th
ROCKIT. @ bu•ku Mar. 13th
"Self-Actualization Party" _ First Friday @The Jackpot
Gender Blender "proto-Valentines Day" _ First Friday @The Jackpot
ooooooo Shiny!!!!!!! First Friday @The Jackpot
The Office __First Friday @The Jackpot!
Emo Dance Party __First Friday @The Jackpot!
Disco Apocalypse __First Friday @The Jackpot!
Dark Crystal Dance Party __First Friday @The Jackpot!
Wet Hot American Dance Party __First Friday @The Jackpot!
Michael Jackson Tribute @The Jackpot!

!! Family Portrait: Awkward Photo Dance Party !! @Jibarra
Spread the Love 2.0: Valentines Day Dance Party @Cafe Helios
Spy vs. Spy : secret agent dance party @Jibarra
Yeti steaty GO! (Halloween Dance Party) @ cafe Helios
opened for The Hood Internet at the Cherry Bounce After Party @Ahpeele
Triangle Arts Mixer w/DJ Special Deals @The Cotton Room (Durham)

The Epic Knights! (mobile dance parties via/tricked out boombox(es))
14 Dance Crusades (and counting)

!Love In! @The Wilmont__ft. Yohimbe. Mike Shelereth. A. Stroud. w/video remixes by Yes! sputnik
The Wilmontalypse__ft. Onward Soldiers. Brandon Casperson. Yohimbe. Yes! sputnik
Secret Garden Dance Party
Stay Green
Halloween 2.0 @Flint Plvd. ft. Yes! sputnik + 2 mystery guest DJs from Chapel Hill
YOHIMBE / VVAQRT / FAT WORM OF ERROR @All Day Records 8/26/10 Carrboro, NC

Upcoming Shows: CAM Raleigh // Fright at the Museum 10/19/2011

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